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The "Lates"

Those with kids close to college

Parents with children who are close to college are the "LATES". Families with 8th to 12th graders belong to this category. 

The "Lates" don't have much time left to save.  Some, if not most, families in this group who haven't save for college are faced with the issue of how to finance a college education of one child or more. To some, it's indeed a problem - a financial problem.  It can also include emotional problems.


The Problem / The Pain:  High Cost of College.

High cost, Little Help.


So the question is: For the given timeline, what's your game plan?


The solution:  CPRG might be able to help. The first move is

attend our workshops.

We urge parents to start the process of preparing and perhaps preserve whatever strategies that you might be able to use a to minimize the cost of college.

Educate, Evaluate, and Execute a game plan appropriate to your situation.

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