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Student Athletes

Athletic Scholarships

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Athletic scholarships can be had ...



Academics and athletics mix can be very beneficial to the student.

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Students who are competitive enough to play their chosen sport and strongly consider playing collegiate level competition should explore  it and aim to get athletic scholarship in addition to any academic scholarships that they can qualify for.

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Athletes at the top of the heap are almost always being monitored by college coaches.  The numbers thrown in is 3% to 5% of the pool of athletes are that target of college coaches.


Athletes who are not monitored by college coaches, don't give up.  We might be able to help you!

We have a platform that can help student-athletes who are competitive enough to play the sport of their choice but not good enough for some college coaches, especially Division I schools.

Our college planning  service also evaluate how we can help minimize the family's college related expenses by exploring the angle of getting scholarship by way of athletics.  We were able to help some student athletes get recruited and played collegiate level sports which resulted in receiving both academic and athletic scholarships.  The end result is: the family's college related expense were greatly minimized.

Other than NCAA which has Division I, II and III, there are other college athletic associations, namely: NAIA and NCCAA.

If your child is into competitive level, then let's explore her/his athleticism for a possible collegiate sport participation.

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