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from a Kempner HS, Fort Bend
Dear Enric,
Good to talk to you yesterday.  Thank you for your sound advice and kindness. We appreciate you!
Jonathan has a good start at Texas A&M this year and we are grateful to you!
Okay here's the picture.
T and G Lukas 
Mom and Dad
From a  Strake Jesuit College Prep
To whom it may concern:
I am writing regarding my experience with Enric Pasculado and College Planning & Research Group. I met Enric at Strake Jesuit during my son's senior year there.  At the time I was trying to figure out all of the things that were necessary to make the proper applications to colleges and trying to determine how to pay for it all.   Enric's guidance was very helpful in targeting appropriate schools and discussing aspects of the application process.  His help with the FAFSA and CSS Profile forms made that process much smoother.  Since then, his continued advice and counsel has been most appreciated.
I've been particularly impressed with Enric's follow up with his clients even after they have been accepted to college.  FAFSA and CSS form need to be re-filled each year. Enric always calls to schedule a review to see if things needed are on course and whether any changes need to be made.  My son, Eric is currently a sophomore ar Georgetown University in Washington, DC and is doing extremely well.  My daughter, Jamie is a junior at St. Agnes Academy and I am now working with Enric to plan her college future.
I feel the College Planning & Research Group fees are reasonable and that Enric's clients get good value for the money spent.  Enric has always been available when I have had questions, both for regularly scheduled sessions and for quick phone calls during the year,  and he offers excellent suggestions.  I have been pleased as a client of College Planning & Research Group.
R. J. Christensen
From an AAU Basketball Coach

To whom it may concern:
College Planning & Research Group is a great resource to all my competitive college-bound basketball players.  We prepare them athletically but CPRG tremendously helps us in positioning them better for college recruiting.  What is more important is that our players are given the opportunity to be evaluated too based on their academic credentials.  Coach Enric includes academic scholarship planning in addition to athletics.

Coach Enric's passionate approach in the way he performs his services has been assisting me and my players in fashioning individually a workable plan to make college education reachable.  And, given the right situation, athletic scholarships will be part of that reality to minimize cost.

Recently, he had helped me with my daughter's student-athlete recruiting.  Soon my younger son will follow suit.

I am very grateful to Coach Enric and his company, College Planning and & Research Group (CPRG).

Coach Moses Ellis
Basketball Coach and Dad
From a  St. Agnes Academy and Strake Jesuit College Prep... mom

Thank you Enric for your significantly effective guidance in crafting the college admission planning and most specially the funding approach that we used.  Dunn and Tracie are now practicing their chosen career and I am so grateful for any and ll help that you provided us.
God bless you for what you do!

G. Milan
From a  Kempner High SChool

Dear Mr. Pasculado,
Just wanted to take time to thank you for all of the assistance you have provided in the last year and at the present regarding both Kristina and Robert.  Without your assistance and direction we would not have been able to get the $2,500 free money for Kristina to attend the University of Houston during her first year.
As I have expressed to you many times, getting children to college can be very overwhelming and stressful if you don't know how to seek scholarships or grants.  Also filling out the forms can be quite complicated if you do not know exactly how to do them to get assistance from the government.
In any event, I continue to appreciate all of your efforts and continue to look forward to working with you again regarding my son Robert who is a senior this year at Kempner High School and seeking assistance to get scholarship for him to attend for the year 2000.
S. Garcia
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