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Our Student Portal has tools that can help. 

Use them to your advantage !

More than 50% of college freshmen finish their bachelors' degree in 5.6 years, instead of 4.  That's 1.6 years of extended stay. At $30,000 per year, that's $48,000 of additional cost (Money that could go into

mom and dad's retirement fund)!

Over-staying is college is an expensive proposition, don't you agree? 


Our students  actively and regularly use the tools below to assist them in preparing for college planning. The intended goal is to help our students avoid over-staying in college which is a very expensive and unnecessary expense.   Once the student's choice of career is evaluated and/or validated, the college selection process will come next.


The tools as listed below are designed to help our student position better to aim for the appropriate merit based scholarships / tuition discounts /grants and other financial aids. 

The question to student is:  are you working with better focus to position yourself to more competitive merit and need based financial aid?

The question to parents is:   are you helping your student  position strategically for better results so you minimize your Out-of-Pocket college cost related expenses? 

Educate, Evaluate, Execute. 


Come see us.  We might be able to help you minimize your Out-of-Pocket expenses.

Personality Assessment

Finding Your Spark 


Knowing what you want to pursue

Selecting the College for the Right Reason

Essay Review


Financial Literacy

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Financial Aid Pre-Approval

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Funding Your EFC/SAI

Success Guides

Contact Us

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Personal Equity Bank

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