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About Us

Enric Pasculado, CCFS

Founder & Director

Enric Pasculado founded CPRG in January 1990 and since then has been helping families since January of 1990.  Some of his client students are now professionals in their chosen field.  These men and women are now attorneys, physical therapists, speech therapists, medical doctors, accountants, teachers, nurses, phyicians' assistants,  pharmacists, architects, engineers, and business owners having their own practice. They came from colleges and universities accross the country; to name a few: Carnegie Mellon, U of Chicago, Columbia U, U Penn, USC, Baylor, SMU, UT, UH, Tulane, Loyola NO, Tx A&M, Clemson, U of San Diego, U of San Francisco, St Louis U, Northwestern U, Boston College, Otis college of Arts & Design, St. Mary's U, U Incarnate Word, Mary Hardin-Baylor, St Edward U, UC Berkeley, Princeton, Harvard and more.


Enric is a Certified College Funding Specialist and is an active  member of the Association of Certified College Funding Specialist (ACCFS). He is also a certified college planner of College Planning Relief, an Ohio-based company actively involved in the the college planning market and a volunteer Instructor of the College Funding Educators of America  (,  a non-profit entity involved in educating parents and students about college funding.


Enric has been helping student-athletes get recognized by college coaches, most of whom are recruited and get to play collegiate sports. 


College Planning & Research Group or CPRG is your resource and coach.


College is expensive! Although most schools are non-profit, they are still "business".  If you have recently visited the colleges' and universities' websites, you will notice that their asking price called "Cost of Attendance" or "COA" which includes: tuition, books, and the other education-related expenses, is astronomically high.  Some parents call it "outrageously high".


Unless you are willing to pay the colleges and universities their asking price, you will probably need able guidance: you will need a coach.


In the universe of information, there are things that we know, things we know we don't know, and things we don't have a clue about.  Understandably, you need to have enough knowledge on what and how to effectively and efficiently tackle this expensive but important issue of funding the college education of your children.


You can tap into our 32+ years of experience to seek guidance to help you and your student. If approached properly and strategically, a family can minimize expenses.  


Consider the following:

Educate:   don't guess or assume, know!  

Evaluate:   know your category, estimated family contribution (EFC), the school's 
                  award history, and money saving strategies and alternatives.  

Execute:   once all the facts are known, a college strategy that preserves retirement
                 assets can be developed. Should you consider this approach, then we can
Have a plan that is proven and effective!


Some strategies are effective when done with enough lead time.  If your student is close to college, preserve whatever lead time left for your situation. Act now! You could have wasted so much time already. Contact us now!

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