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The Flex Method

Safety, Amplified Returns, Flexibility, Tax Advantages. 

It's not magic. It's Math, properly combined with safety and high returns without market risk. 


Maximize your financial future with one of the world’s
safest assets.

The Flexmethod provides personalized financial strategies that combine performance, stability, and maximum flexibility designed to meet your needs. 


A Strategic Plan

For nearly a decade underlying strategy of The Flexmethod has provided countless families with the peace of mind they deserve to stop worrying and start living.

 One:   Life Insurance Core

We start with a well designed life insurance policy that has your long-term goals in mind.

A well designed life insurance policy helps enable your money to work for you benefiting from certain performance guarantees from top rated life insurance carriers.

 Two:   Maximize Its Strength

Through understanding the benefits of well designed life insurance policy you can maximize its potential. Our team is here to support you through the process every step of the way.

 Three:  Access to your cash when you need it.

Some financial needs are known, some are not.  Most Flexmethod strategies allow for checkbook-like access to the cash value within your life insurance policy. 


For Individuals

Your core financial solution for the many stages of life.

Your family’s future deserves financial certainty. At every stage of life the The Flexmethod helps give the gift of financial security and flexibility.

Use the The Flexmethod calculator to help see your financial future:

For Corporations


Earn strong returns on your cash reserves while maintaining access.

Business owners know they need cash on-hand to weather storms and as a war chest for future acquisitions and growth. It is important that this money remain safe and accessible at any time. While it is common to relegate these reserves to a checking account that earns nothing, that is no longer the only solution. We help businesses with 2 employees and those with 2,000. Find out what we can do for you and your money today.
While your cash is working for you, your employees will also receive valuable legacy benefits from their life insurance policy at no additional cost to you.

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