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We conduct Webinars.  Visit this page regularly for additional schedules.

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We conduct free webinars for parents, grandparents, guardians, step-parents, and students.  For your convenience, we use a system so our webinars can be accessed using desktops, laptops, Mac, iPad, iPhones, and Androids. 


If interested, do register

1) Webinar 1:  Tue., February 21, 7:30pm -- Title: College Admission  Planning & Funding -


"Tackling the Runaway Cost of College & Fiscal Responsibility for  the College-bound Student". 

    It's 70-minutes of information and Education. 

    It's 70-minutes of Information and Education.   

The Cost of Attendance (COA) at both public and private colleges and universities are ever increasing annually. It's wise to learn more about the Title IV of the federal government and other aspects of college funding. Find time to listen in and learn some sound funding principles that might help you tackle the runaway cost of sending one child to college.  Register now.


3) Webinar 3:  Wed., March 15, 7:30pm -- Part 2 - Title:  "College Funding & Positioning :                                                                Funding Options for College and the SAGE Scholarship Program -                                                              Creating Your Personal Family Bank to fund your EFC + more"


4)  Webinar 4:  Wed., March 22, 7:30pm -- Title: "College Funding for Self-Employed, Business                                                                                                   Owners" (rescheduled at another date - TBA)

5)  Webinar 5: Wed., March 29, 7:30pm ---  Title: "College Funding using The Flex Method"

                                                                                   (Rescheduled to another date - TBA)

2) Webinar 2: Wed., March 8, 7:30pm -- College Admission Planning & Funding -
                          "Tackling the Runaway Cost of College - Preparing the family"

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